Answers to funny questions

                       Answers to funny questions

Following are the answers to funny questions which I asked in my last blog.

(1) ’B’ is coldest letter because it lies between ‘A’ and ‘C’, I mean between AC (air conditioner).

(2) She threw butter out of window because she wanted to see ‘butterfly’.

(3) She threw bucket of water out of window because she wanted to see ‘waterfall’.

(4) ’6’ afraids of ‘7’ because ‘7  8  9’ i.e. 7 ate 9.

(5) ’Cold’ can be caught.

(6) Fishes keep their money in a ‘Riverbank’.

(7) ’Heat’ is considered faster than ‘cold’ because ‘cold’ can be caught, ‘heat’ cannot be caught.

(8) A fish that cares only for itself is called ‘Selfish’.

(9) ’Nothing’ is better than best and worse than worst.

(10) People never take ‘Lunch and dinner’ before breakfast.

(11) ’Bay of Bengal’ is in ‘liquid’ state.

(12) The sentence ‘The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog’ includes all 26 alphabets.

Few funny questions

                                              Few funny questions

       Following are few funny questions. Kindly write me their answers. My e-m address is

(1) Why ‘B’ is coldest letter?

(2) Why did she throw butter out of window?

(3) Why did she throw bucket of water out of window?

(4) Why is ‘6’ so much afraid of ‘7’?

(5) There is something which can be caught but cannot be thrown. What is that?

(6) Where do fishes keep their money?

(7) Why ‘heat’ is considered faster than ‘cold’?

(8) What do you call a fish that only cares for itself?

(9) What is better than best and worse than worst?

(10) Which two things people never eat before breakfast?

(11) In which state ‘Bay of Bengal’ is?

(12) Write a very simple sentence which includes every letter of Alphabet.